Simplify email verification with our reliable API.

Ensure the accuracy of user email addresses effortlessly with 4born Solutions' Email Verification API. Seamlessly integrate it into your B2B technology, app, or web platform to verify email IDs through OTP.

Four Steps to Start


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Explore our API's functionality and see how it can benefit your business.


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API Integration Assistance

Our dedicated team will provide support and guidance to seamlessly integrate the API into your system. .


Enjoy the Benefits

Start verifying email addresses easily and enhance your user experience. .

Places Where Our API Can Be Used:

Registration Process

Ensure the validity of email addresses during user sign-ups and registrations.

User Onboarding

Verify email IDs to ensure accurate user data and prevent fake or fraudulent accounts.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Cleanse your mailing lists by validating email addresses before sending marketing emails.

E-commerce Platforms

Verify customer email addresses for order confirmations, shipping notifications, and account management.

Customer Support Systems

Authenticate user email addresses for effective communication and account recovery.

Key Features of Our API


Email Verification with OTP: Allow users to verify their email addresses through a secure one-time password (OTP). .


Real-time Validation: Instantly check the validity and deliverability of email addresses.


Syntax and Formatting Checks: Detect and reject email addresses with incorrect syntax or formatting. .


Domain Validation: Verify if the domain of the email address exists and is active. .


Disposable Email Detection: Identify disposable or temporary email addresses that are often associated with spam or fraud. .


Bulk Verification: Validate email addresses in bulk to save time and resources. .

Markets where our Email Verification API is highly effective

E-commerce Industry

Ensure reliable customer data in the e-commerce sector by verifying email addresses during registration, order processing, and account management. Increase the efficiency of your communication and reduce the risk of bounced emails or failed deliveries.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Enhance the success of email marketing campaigns by validating email addresses before sending out promotional materials. Improve campaign metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions by reaching genuine and engaged recipients.

Human Resources and Recruitment

Streamline the hiring process and maintain accurate candidate databases by verifying email addresses during job applications. Avoid the hassle of incorrect or inactive email contacts and facilitate seamless communication with potential candidates.

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